Founding Partner & Senior Trader

Niall began his trading career on LIFFE in 1996 as a point clerk for Marquette Partners, in a team trading the Bund Arb between London and Frankfurt. From there he worked his way up within Marquette to Senior Broker, onto screen based Trader, to Partner and eventually Managing Director.

He has traded most futures products on all of the major electronic Exchanges and has experience in trading all asset classes. He also has extensive experience in technical, fundamental and systematic trading strategies.

In 2009, Niall co-founded Paragon Trading Partners where he is a senior trader and Managing Partner.


Founding Partner & Senior Trader

Chris began his trading career in 2000 at the proprietary trading firm Marquette Partners in Chicago, IL USA.  

Chris has traded a wide range of products, some of which include the 30 year US Treasury pit/screen arb, Bund/Bobl/Shatz spread, equity index futures, FX, and commodities.  

In September 2001, Chris moved to the UK where he continued to develop a trading strategy with a focus on Bund, DAX, EuroStoxx, and E-mini S&P 500.  Chris became a partner of Marquette Partners in 2007.   In 2009, Chris was one of the founding partners of Paragon Trading, where he is a Senior Trader.


Partner & Senior Trader

Spencer began trading in 1988,working for James Capel on the London International Financial Futures Exchange, before moving to Banque D'Indosuez and finally Marquette Partners.

Spencer began his electronic trading career at Goldenberg Heymeyer, trading the european yield curve.

Since leaving Goldenberg he has developed his own high probability fundamental approach to trading, applying this across all asset classes.


Founding Partner, Senior Trader

Hitesh obtained an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking from the ICMA Centre.

He began his trading career in 1999 at the proprietary trading firm Marquette Partners in London and became a partner in 2007.

Hitesh has experience in trading futures in a wide variety of asset classes, with expertise in intraday trading based on technical/fundamental analysis.


Partner & Senior Trader

Dipesh obtained an MSc in Quantitative Finance from CASS Business School in 2007.  Subsequently, he worked at Marquette Partners as a developer and analyst within the automated trading division gaining expertise in system and technical analysis based trading strategies.

Since 2009, Dipesh has been the lead developer/programmer at Paragon and began to trade a fundamental style of trading.

In 2014, Dipesh was made a Partner at Paragon Trading.


Partner & Senior Trader

Oliver obtained a BA in English Literature from Bristol University in 2001 and spent over a decade working in publishing, advertising and film production before he found trading.

He started with Paragon in 2013 and has experience trading across all asset classes with a focus on an event driven strategy.

In 2020, Oliver was made a partner at Paragon Trading.